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pistachio export

What is Pistachio?


Pistachio is a tree that grows well in dry areas. Currently, the largest pistachio producers are in the United States, with 405,000 tons of Iran with 315,000 tons, followed by Turkey and China. Pistachios have a very high variety.

Pistachios were taken from Iran in the late 1970s to California. The United States and Iran hold more than 70% of the pistachio market. Different types that are well-known in the market include:SuperLong(Akbari)Round(Fandoghi)Jumbo(Kale-Quchi)Long(Ahmad Aghaei) Long (Badami) .Aflatoxin is the most recognized disease in this product. Inappropriate harvesting and maintenance is the most common cause of the disease.

pistachio export

Are you looking for Pistachio Exports?


In this article, we pay for the Pistachio Exports in the global market, which is $ 3 Billion. hs code Pistachios tariff is 080252 ,080251 . Also, the largest countries exporting Pistachios are  USA, Iran and Hong Kong . In addition, Pistachio exports show a 15% Decrease compared to 2016. However, Pistachio exports using marketing tools Digital and traditional. As a result, if you are looking to export this product, please finish this article.

iran pistachio

Pistachio situation in Iran


Iran pistachios and International pistachio production and trade is about 100 years old.

Iran’s pistachios are exported to nearly all countries of the world.

  • The construction of a pistachio garden is a long-term investment in which the farmer will risk investment at least for the next 15 years.
  • Annual pistachio production in Iran is estimated at an average of 200,000 tons.
  • Pistachio production last year was estimated at 225,000 tons , while production of this year is projected at 55,000 tons due to the unprecedented damage caused by the climatic conditions of the spring.

According to estimates, more than a million people in more than 15 provinces of the country    have income from the Iran pistachio industry.

iran pistachio exporter

Iran Pistachios Types:


The commercial pistachio varieties of Iran are these types:

  • Akbari (Super Long)
  • Ahmad Aghaei (Long)
  • Fandoghi (Round)
  • Kalleh ghouchi (Jumbo)
  • Badami (Row Long)

Each cultivar is classified in three groups:

  • Naturally Opened
  • Mechanically Opened
  • Closed Shell
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Naturally Open In-Shell :

Used purely as a yummy snack, it’s roasted in-shell. Open in-shell pistachios are mostly transported as raw dried, in bulk. Raw dried pistachios have an almost unlimited storage life if stored in moderately dry conditions.
Pistachio yield is about 53% to 58%, depending on the type and seasonal fluctuations.
Roasted pistachios are also exported. They have a long shelf life too, as long as they’re vacuumed or nitrogen flash packed.

Uses: Snacks, Desserts, Foods, etc.
pistachio exporter

Mechanically Opened (MO):

As you may know, some part of closed shell pistachios are used to provide opened pistachios. These are closed-shell pistachios that have been mechanically opened to look similar to the naturally open pistachios.
The difference between them is that the naturally open pistachios are a lower kernel weight to the in-shell ratio.
Pistachios yield (the meat (kernel) percentage) of these mechanically opened pistachios is around 46% to 50%. However, things like the percentage of moisture in the products is also important.
Uses: MOs are used as snacks.
export pistachio

Closed Shell :

This kind of Iranian pistachios is naturally closed and has not opened yet. Throughout the process of shelling, closed-shell pistachios grow natural kernels by a mechanical procedure. All types of pistachios have closed shell-type too, and the yield kernels are 46-50%.

On average, 5% of Iranian Pistachios are closed shell pistachios which are exported from Iran each year with an estimated total value of over USD 100 million. The main market for this product is the Far East.
Uses: Snacks, foods and Art.
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Kernel (Ahmadi)Long (Akbari)Jumbo (Kalleqouchi)Round (Fandoghi)

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