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Russian banking uses the block technology of China

The chief of Russia’s largest bank said that the use of China’s blockbuster technology will take a decade in Russian banks.


“It takes a decade to deploy Russia’s large-scale technology in Russia,” said Herman Greff, chief executive officer of Esbank Bank, Russia’s largest bank, according to Talence.

He emphasized: “Asborbank will provide its financial education on the basis of China’s technology for the next 10 years, but the use of the Chinese blockade can take a decade-long time.

Guth said: “If we talk about Russia, I have to say that we have the largest number of projects in the block area of ​​China. Although all of them are experimental and are testing this technology. It is possible in 2018 to be able to introduce some of the financial products in a broad comparison with the use of China’s block; while the Block of China is one of our ways, and my estimation of using this technology on a large scale in Russia between 8 and 10 years to come.

The chairman of the Bank of Russia said that the commercial use of the “Block of China Ethereum” could be achieved within the next two years, and that Osborne Bank joined the “Etiomial Coalition” in October this year.

“Block China technology is not currently ready for commercial use, and it takes one hundred years, and it’s time to take up to two years, and then we will be able to use it,” he said. Earlier this year, he said that Osborbank was working on its block plans

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