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Britain can be a great trading nation outside the Customs Union — the sooner we leave, the better

Despite the decisive vote for Brexit last summer, the Remoan lobby has never given up trying to undermine the cause of British freedom from EU rule.  Project Fear has been constantly replayed across the airwaves, with ever more lurid predictions of economic recession, international isolation and political paralysis.

One favourite scare of the Remoaners is to pretend that we are hopelessly ill-equipped for the negotiations about our future relationship with the EU. In this narrative of doom, our Ministers and civil servants are portrayed as a bunch of clueless fools, while the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier is held to be a figure of magisterial brilliance.

For the defeatist Remoaners, the gap between British incompetence and European capability was symbolised by an image from the start of the talks, when Brexit Secretary David Davis and his team were photographed without any papers…

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